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R&D Products and Technologies

Over 15 years Ebert Composites has been involved in numerous programs with industry and government. Below are just a few recent examples:

Pultrusion Equipment

Ebert has developed advanced, precision equipment capable of high volume production. Ebert has manufactured some of the widest pultrusion machines in the world, including three 102-inch-wide pultruders.
With integrated 88 axes of motion controls, Ebert has integrated 3-dimensional fibers into pultrusion, thus creating an automated process for producing low cost, high strength sandwich panels, which will never delaminate.
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Custom Pultruded Profiles

Ebert can supply custom pultruded profiles, in large or small quantities, at the best available price. Ebert can provide common pultrusion profiles, but takes pride in the ability to pultrude extremely large pultrusions and complex profile shapes.

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TRANSONITE® Products and Technology

Automatic processing of 3D fiber insertions, synchronous with pultrusion, has been a hallmark of recent Ebert R&D success stories.
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Snap Lock Joints

Ebert has developed new and innovative snap lock joints for connecting composite members. These require no adhesives or fastening and are based upon a unique architecture within the composite.

Advanced CNC Machinery

Using an open-architecture controller, Ebert's experience in controls and machine design have produced several innovative machines. These include 5-axis CNC gantry machines, synchronous cut-off saws, and joint machining systems. All can be in-line with composite pultrusion machines.

Composite Fasteners

Specialty composite fasteners are being demanded for the unique properties metal cannot provide. Lightweight, non-corrosive, non-conductive fasteners can be precisely machined from TRANSONITE® Bar Stock allowing structural fibers to reach the edges of all threads.
Ebert has significant experience in manufacturing structural composite fasteners, both large and small.

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Diamond Tools and Machining

Ebert has simplified the machining of complex composite joints through the use of intricate profile tools, with diamond surfaces.
Ebert can consult and supply tooling to help with composite machining needs.

Fastening and Adhesives

Ebert has solved many difficult composite-joining problems with unique snap lock joints and adhesive bonding.

Composite Louvers

Ebert Composites and the US Navy jointly developed a composite louver for ship ventilation. Traditional steel louvers require frequent maintenance due to corrosion and they increase topside ship weight. In contrast, Ebert's louver is very light, requires virtually no maintenance, and most importantly, it is modular. The Ebert louver eliminates the need for custom molds and costly tooling sets to manufacture the many uniquely sized louvers on a single ship. Furthermore, the louvers have passed all rigorous Naval safety, shock, and vibration tests, proving both its reliability and low cost for both military and commercial vessels.
Ebert-designed Navy louvers are in current production under an agreement with Peerless Mfg. Co., and are available for specific requirements.
For more information on the Navy louver, see the The Product Specs.

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